To get a Rent and Level of Care quote, just call us at (888)404-3132 !  We much prefer to actually speak and get to know you.

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How Our Rates Work

We price our all-inclusive rent rates* based on 1) Base Rent and 2) Level of Care.

Our rooms differ in size and amenities, but for a basic private room, the Base Rent is $3,100 per month.

The cost for the Level of Care we provide is based on an individuals’ needs, and is calculated via an assessment.  Because each of our residents’ health conditions are so unique, it is easiest to call us so our Assessment Team can help you get an idea of what this cost will be.  We are happy to come out and do an assessment in person, whether your Loved One is currently at home, in a Rehabilitation Center, a Skilled Nursing Facility, a Long Term Care facility, or wherever.

*There are a couple of exceptions to our all inclusive rates.

  • Incontinence Supplies (Billed Monthly)
  • Care Plans (Once every 3 months usually, total cost is $45.  This is for accountability purposes.)

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